Alba Kalıp

Four separate production facilities as ALBA Kalıp, ALBA Ferforje, ALBA Plastik, ALBA Otomotiv and ALBA FERRO is an export company in manufacturing sector.

The main activity field of Alba is to produce plastic injection molds, sheet cutting and form molds and hot forging molds for manufacturing industry. In addition to these activities, we also serve mainly in the automotive side industry for plastic injection and forging group and produce wrought iron accessories in the construction sector.

In its business life actively performed since February 1992, Alba’s priority is to expand its philosophy of excellence throughout the company.

Happiness of employees, customer-oriented service understanding and customer satisfaction are essential factors in company culture. Alba group follows its customers with its brands and investments and provides the best service.


In order to serve as a company that continuously develops the quality values, our company is dedicated to be open to develop independently in a way to produce more capital each day within the scope of the duties and authorities of the company, to meet customer requests, to set goals and to create a safe environment in which productivity will reach maximum level.


Being a reliable company leading the sector, continuously improving the processes and improving the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers with total quality management principles.